In marketing, positioning 
is everything.

If you ask people what positioning is, they will say: finding a niche for the product in the market.

However, according to Ries and Trout, inventors of the concept of positioning: “Positioning does not work on the product, but on the mind of the consumer.”
The consumers do not always have a detailed knowledge of what they are buying and are instead making a choice based on a general idea.

This is why a customer chooses a laundry detergent for its perfume rather than how well it washes, a wine for its label rather than its taste, a car for its image rather than its technical characteristics.

A set of elements that determine the perceptual positioning of Nike.

Our job is to translate your product and your business into a strong and unique perception in the mind of the public.

This applies to B2C brands and even more so to B2B products that need to differentiate themselves more than ever.

What businesses lack is not the quality of the product, but the tools to get their difference across.

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Market positioning is simply the way consumers perceive the product

K. Runyon and D. Stewart

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Find out how positioning can help your business make a difference, through the methodology of Perceptioning®. A guide that features case study examples and a summary of the basics to accelerate your business ideas and make them work.

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