In marketing, positioning 

is everything.

But what is positioning?

According to Ries and Trouth, inventors of the concept of positioning, “Marketing is not a battle of products, it is a battle of perceptions”.

In fact, consumers very often make their purchases based on a general idea, judging a detergent by its scent, a wine by its label, a car by its image.

Our job is to translate your product and your business into a strong and unique perception in the mind of the public.

We offer multidisciplinary support that integrates strategy, design, communication and marketing.

We work in close collaboration with the company’s direction and management, offering highly specialised support in defining positioning and brand identity.
We integrate coaching activities to involve all corporate competencies in the development and implementation of a positioning culture.

We help you put positioning into practice.

By focusing on the perception you want to build in the mind of your audience.
By implementing effective branding programmes inside and outside the company.
By developing a brand value that is reinforced over time.

Market positioning is simply the way consumers perceive the product

K. Runyon and D. Stewart

Our positioning guide

Find out how positioning can help your business make a difference, through the methodology of Perceptioning®. A guide that features case study examples and a summary of the basics to accelerate your business ideas and make them work.

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