• The first product that any
    company sells is the

    positioning of its brand

    Why should the customer choose your products over those of your competitors?

  • Positioning

    The essence of our work is to help companies define what makes them unique.

  • We will give you the tools
to guide

    your positioning

    Develop your positioning by following effective guidelines and procedures.

Our system


The first brand development method based on consumer perception.


The brand is a perception in the consumer’s mind

Perceptioning® is the first method of brand development that focuses on the most important point of view – the consumer’s perception.

Constructing a brand is constructing a perception – nothing more, nothing less.”

Martin Lindstrom

We will measure the perception of your brand compared to your competitors’ brands

in order to understand your brand’s perception by the consumer. We will then find the best possible positioning for your brand’s perception.


Marketing is not a battle between products, it is a battle of perceptions.”

Al Ries e Jack Trout
Inventors of the concept of ‘Positioning

Transforming strategic positioning into perception

We will help you identify what makes your brand unique and transform it into a strong and discerning perception.

Positioning does not work on the product but on the mind of the consumer.”

Al Ries e Jack Trout
Inventors of the concept of ‘Positioning

Making the perception tangible

We will give you the tools to use each contact with the consumer – from the product to advertising – as an opportunity to reinforce your brand’s perception.

A strong brand identity is created through cohesiveness. The brand’s every expression – from the product to marketing communication – should promote the same perception.”

Marco Bassani

Helping you manage your brand from within the company

We will help you create an internal structure that perceives, protects and reinforces the brand with each decision… and evaluates its progress over time.

The aim is to make sure that every employee within the organization understands what is most fundamental to the brand that must be represented to the consumer, so that they can plan their strategies accordingly.”

Kevin Keller