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With over seventy years of history, Isoli S.p.a. is a leading international manufacturer of recovery trucks, aerial platforms and equipment for special structures.
We develop strategic research and analysis with the direct involvement of the company's various skills, including managers, engineers and technicians.
The values that have always guided the company become the basis for defining its positioning, brand identity, corporate storytelling and digital strategy.

Strategic Analysis and Positioning


The workshop founded in 1946 by the Isoli brothers indissolubly links its name to the production, after the war, of the nascent Recovery trucks.
Since then, the company has undergone great expansion and evolution, arriving to the present day to operate in three different markets: in addition to breakdown trucks, it now produces aerial platforms and fittings for special structures.

The strategic research and analysis work is complemented by a project of corporate theatre, aimed at the creation of a corporate Open Museum representing an immersive experience between physical and digital.

The methodology helps us define the strategic values and guiding principles of positioning. Values that are rooted in the historical heritage of the company, which has always been at the side of those who work daily in roadside assistance or in potentially risky situations, and which are summed up in the motto
‘Those offering help never stop’.


From Positioning to Brand Identity


The new corporate identity, based on the values of positioning, emphasises people and teamwork: a team in action, always on the front line alongside its customers, with whom it shares challenges and values.

The visual identity applied to the corporate brand is declined with some differentiating elements to the individual market sectors (line brand), in order to enhance the segmentation of the products.


Brand Identity Development and Application Examples


Corporate storytelling


Storytelling is a key element for brand communication and content marketing development. Through storytelling, the values, history and mission of the company are told.

Storytelling sees its first application in the Isoli Open Museum project, Isoli’s corporate museum accessible through the dedicated website and web app.


Digital Strategy


The first concrete application of our intervention is through a digital strategy aimed at promoting the company’s new positioning in a coherent manner.

In 2021 Isoli participates in Gis Expo, the most important Italian event dedicated to lifting professionals, where the company presents itself with innovative solutions and products.

A digital marketing campaign is structured for the event, including sponsored posts, Ads and a landing page for promotion on social channels. During the event, operational communication support is provided through the development of on-site content such as posts and video interviews.


Landing page for Isoli’s sponsorship at Gis Expo


Digital campaign for Isoli sponsorship at Gis Expo


Event Strategy


Isoli presents itself at Gis Expo with a completely renewed image that is also applied to the stand design, through the creation of a set consistent with the new positioning strategy


Our positioning guide

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