C_Lab Veneto


C_Lab is a national multidisciplinary collaboration project that connects universities and businesses, with the aim of promoting the culture of entrepreneurship and innovation, the interdisciplinarity and the dissemination of new learning models. In collaboration with the Universities of Padua and Verona we developed the positioning and Brand Identity for the promotion of the C_Lab Veneto project, a web platform and a digital marketing strategy.



C_Lab Veneto is the place where different skills and experiences meet to create new entrepreneurial projects. The participants are offered a residential laboratory within a university campus. The aim is to promote multidisciplinary exchange and cross-pollination between universities and businesses through intensive activities of applied research, creativity and innovation.

The following guiding values of positioning emerge from the study: Learning, Experimenting, Creating and Accomplishing. The idea is to capture the ambition of young people to express their creativity, to get involved by finding visibility and public recognition.


Brand identity


Starting with the logo, the language conveys the perception of a solid and dynamic place, perfect for the emergence and development of new ideas. The contemporary and assertive typography communicates at the same time the solidness of the institutions and the freshness of the ideas that come from young people. The electric and vibrant Klein blue transmits a sense of energy, transformation and dynamism.


Visually the narrative is developed with photographs presenting group work and moments of shared life, in a spontaneous and informal style. A physical energy emerges from the expressions and gestures of the people portrayed, conveying a feeling of enthusiasm, fun and creativity. The idea is to convey the value of debate and participation as an accelerator of the development of personal strengths.


Web design and communication


The marketing communication of the project is conveyed primarily on the web, through an information portal dedicated to students and companies, ad campaigns on the main social channels, and printed materials such as posters and flyers dedicated to the main events.

Website user interface project in collaboration with Laboratorio106



Project for the web portal pages



Project for dissemination posters



Power Point template


Digital Marketing


The social media campaign for recruiting participants extends from the editorial area to the creation of communities and ad campaigns on the main social channels. The website receives thousands of visits, leading to the maximum number of subscribers and to the start of the training program in a very short time.

Creative campaign management in collaboration with Cool Mind — Adv Agency


Communication and environmental design


Application of Brand identity on environmental and signage elements


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