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Innovarea is a project by the Ca' Foscari University of Venice that aims to explore a new model of entrepreneurial development for the relaunch of Italian industry. We are in charge of marketing management, creative direction and the organization of a series of promotion meetings. The meetings have taken place in companies that represent examples of best practices of applied research and innovation.



Innovarea intends to promote a concerted movement of companies with a common venture of leading a new Renaissance by making use of the civil, cultural, natural and artisanal heritage that characterizes Italy, and leaving behind the pessimism linked to the country’s structural problems.

We have developed a strategic marketing action based on the involvement of the companies present in Italy.

The vision: the idea of uniting companies in the mission of industrial rebirth, promoting corporate culture and valorising innovation, is summarized in the following statement: The new Renaissance starts with the companies.
Mission: The claim that is chosen to define the Innovarea project is The Meaningful Company. Innovarea promotes the significance of the companies as creators of value for customers and for the society.


Brand Identity


The visual identity, which is developed starting from the logo, expresses the innovative and technological nature of the project.
On the name INNOVAREA, in a simple and contemporary font, the central letter “V” is rotated into an arrow that conveys innovation, an orientation towards the future and an invitation to action.
The color code is oriented on a purplish red to emphasize a sense of dynamism and energy.


Storytelling by video


The project is launched with a video – a medium that combines the simplicity of the narrative with the ability to create an emotional connection.
The narrative structure of the Innovarea video revolves around the Renaissance as a symbol of Italian rebirth, and of the creative force that has saved Italy throughout its history: the taste for business as a challenge, but also of doing, of working and of creating.




Over the course of three years INNOVAREA has organized a series of meetings to promote the project. The meetings have taken place in companies that represent examples of best practices for applied research and innovation: among others Lago, Nice and Benetton’s Fabrica.


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