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Widespread wireless connectivity has allowed the development and rapid expansion of the smart home technology market.
We estimate an annual growth rate of over 15% in the next few years and a value of over $ 37 billion by 2020.
Ninety percent of end customers state that their main motivation for buying wireless domestic products is their own and their family's security.



Wireless systems are the latest innovation to help people maintain a peace of mind by monitoring their home and keeping contact with family members through their smartphones. The goal is to protect the client’s home and the people in it, especially the children and the elderly. The strategy is the development of an essential ready-to- use and accessible toolkit. The consumer accesses the benefits offered by home wireless applications directly, thanks to the ease of installation and use.


The Communication concept


Target group
Young adults with an urban lifestyle who spend a lot of time away from home. A varied audience: interested in technology, price-conscious and inclined towards do-it-yourself solutions.

Keep an eye on your home from your smartphone.

Supporting Evidence
Ready to use in 30 minutes.

Emotional benefit
Control, protection, freedom and accessibility.

Tone and Style
Direct, explanatory and capable.


User interface design

Communication Materials

Mobile world congress Booth design

MWC, Barcellona

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