ActiveLook® is the innovative technology developed by Microoled that revolutionizes sports eyewear. The ActiveLook® module can be easily integrated into a normal pair of glasses to view information and performance data in real time via Bluetooth® from smartphone apps, GPS trackers and wearable or sports equipment sensors. S&P has participated in the launch of the project from the very beginning, alongside the Parisian consultancy agency SmartPulse, offering complete Brand Design support including product strategy, business model development, strategic positioning, brand identity, naming, marketing and communication strategy, UI design, event design, packaging and consultancy for communication and the product launch on the US market.

Business Model and Positioning


ActiveLook® is an ingredient brand, distinguished as a technology based on an optical module that can transform common sports eyewear into data, information and athletic performance displays.
Developed by the French company Microoled, world leader in the production of AMOLED microdisplays, the product offers its partners a modular solution that accelerates innovation and enables access to a completely new market.

Alongside SmartPulse, a Parisian consulting agency specializing in market intelligence, consumer insights and data marketing, we carry out in-depth research on market trends and consumer expectations, which leads us to define an integral Brand Design strategy. We thus contribute to promoting partnerships with prestigious sports and motorcycle companies all over the world and to the launch of the first eyewear lines for cycling and running with the Uvex, Julbo and Engo brands.


Naming and Brand Identity


First of all, the new brand needs a name that is tuned to the market: balanced, immediate and easy to remember.
Our research leads to ActiveLook® as the solution that effectively expresses the function and benefits of the product.

The logo responds to the same requirements of simplicity and functionality while communicating its role in the world of sport. It is in fact designed the way it is intended to be applied on the product (in a very small size), on the packaging and on all marketing tools, alongside the various sports brands as a technological ingredient brand.






Pages from the Brand Manual for Brand Identity implementation


Designing the User Interface for glasses


The User Interface – the graphic interface displayed on the lenses – focuses on the design of the function icons and the ergonomic arrangement of the data.

Everything is designed to be readable, non-intrusive, maintain security, and make the end User Experience as satisfying as possible, a fundamental element for the success of the new product.




The video is the ideal tool for conveying the benefits of the new modular innovation system to sports brands and eyewear manufacturers.

It is a comprehensive illustration of all the advantages offered by ActiveLook® , from the user experience to the more technological and functional aspects.




Design for the stand at ISPO Munich


ActiveLook® participated in the Ispo Munich 2020, one of the largest and most influential sporting goods trade shows in the world, and won the Ispo Connected Sports category.

The design of the stand aims to highlight, albeit in a standardized and limited space, the revolutionary nature of this innovation.


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