Forgital Group is one of the most state-of-the-art steelworks in Europe. In recent years, the company has grown by offering customers an integrated system of services that innovates and streamlines the supply chain. 
This is achieved through acquiring and opening new branches in Italy and around the world. In order to support this expansion in terms of organization, human resources and the company image, it is necessary to create a strong awareness of strategic values and objectives within the Group. Our role was to develop the new positioning and guidelines for the evolving corporate identity and communication.



The strategic analysis highlights a growing affirmation of values related to expertise, specialisation in high-tech markets and the innovation of processes. The historical perception of the company was based mainly on the traditional values of the steel industry, but it is no longer adequate to represent the evolution of a market in which technological, scientific and organizational competences are changing the rules of the game. The new strategic positioning shifts the Group’s corporate identity towards the areas of engineering, material science and design.

Highlighting its membership in cutting-edge sectors such as the aerospace industry, where Forgital stands out as one of the most accredited operators in Europe, the new corporate identity has acquired the perception of a highly technological and innovative international company.


Brand Identity


The redesign of the classic logo communicates dynamism and technology but also solidity and professionalism. The system of logos combines steel grey with the stability of black, and is designed to be flexible and adaptable to the names of the different companies. The colour palette is based on the visual language of the aerospace industry, referring to the world of technology and innovation.




The communication style is based on a serious and strict image that brings to mind the realm of engineering, consulting and design, while diverting attention from the areas of implementation and production.
At the same time every detail is meticulously developed and aesthetized, to achieve an image of competence, seriousness and quality.




Forgital Group has been participating in the Paris Air Show in Le Bourget for years. The brand’s artefacts dominate the outside of the stand, aesthetized as works of art. The large videowall in the front enhances the perception of technology, lighting up the space with evocative videos and images. Inside, two walls decorated with contrasting images: fire and materials on one side, steel and technology on the other. The wide use of glass and metal structures evokes a feeling of stability and lightness.


Web Design


The new website expresses the values on which the Group’s identity is based. The homepage is dominated by evocative images of the company’s sectors, while a minimalist and rigorous graphic mood characterizes the internal pages.




The Group’s strategic positioning has also influenced the development of the environmental design of the company headquarters. The new executive office building evokes the curvatures of the logo in the building’s design. The interior and exterior materials and architectural elements have been designed to give the building a perception of stability and at the same time of lightness and technology.


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