Hangar78 Master of Pastry – by Silikomart

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Hangar78 is an international laboratory of creative research on new forms of pastry and cooking. It was created in collaboration between Silikomart, the world leader in silicone moulds for gourmet pastrymaking, and the mastery of some of the most innovative and acclaimed contemporary pastry chefs. 
The laboratory launched the programme "The School of Higher Creative Education", for which we defined the positioning strategy, brand identity, brand guidelines and digital marketing strategy.



From the analysis of market trends, the training on offer and competition, emerges an area of positioning linked to an aesthetic experience that combines form, colour and flavour.
The brand strategy starts from arranging the training offer around the concept “School of Higher Creative Education”.
The naming defines the identity and the product offering of the school.
To the tagline “Food and Pastry Innovation Lab” additional names are added: “Master of Pastry Innovation” and “MasterClass”, that refer respectively to a diploma and a specialized course in High Creative Education.


Brand Identity


The Master of Pastry Innovation, being the most institutional and authoritative of the courses, is represented with an elegant image based on black and white tones.
For MasterClass, a colour palette with a strong synesthetic relevance to the various areas of pastry is chosen.
In the photographs gourmet pastry products are presented as works of art, in the form of portraits on neutral, mainly dark backgrounds, and illuminated by a contrasting light that enhances the shapes.


Digital Marketing Strategy


The courses’ promotion is carried out through a Digital Marketing strategy focused on the main social channels, with social ad campaigns directing to the landing pages of the Master and the individual Masterclasses.

We created the Design for the User Interface of landing pages, which integrates corporate videos and promotional banners with registration forms and a call-to-action for direct telephone contact.

Video production of the courses: Wannaboo Video Productions


Direct Marketing


To support digital communication a mailing campaign is launched at vocational schools, towards professionals and professional associations, sending leaflets and brochures throughout the country.


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