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In 2012, the technological evolution of the media pushed Nordesteuropa Editore to introduce an important innovation and transfer all its publications to the web. A radical change that stimulates a reflection on strategic positioning, on their product and brand identity. In addition to all this, S&P is tasked with the complete redesign of the product lines and the brand identity.

Strategy and Brand Design


The Northeast of Italy is an area of extraordinary cultural and entrepreneurial vitality. Today its structure of vibrant companies, too small and disassociated to make an impact on the international stage – is threatened by globalization.

Venezie Post was born as an editorial project that aims to create a platform to re-establish dialogue and favor networking for businesses, culture, training, research – to encourage the development of the region.

The Venezie post platform was born as an online extension of the NordestEuropa magazine, and from this it takes the three groups of values that make up the perception of the Brand:

Innovative, dynamic and visionary
Influential and international

We are in charge of marketing strategy and brand design, and coordinate the complete redesign of the project in terms of identity, image and communication.


The logo shows continuity and coherence with the identity of the NordEstEuropa magazine, from which it inherits its formal characteristics.


User Interface Design


Our consultancy also includes the development of interfaces for the new multimedia titles.


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